Take an Action for Clean Water

We believe people are the most important part of the work to protect Frederick County’s lands and waters. When you participate in clean water protection, you are taking an active role in the preservation of your backyard streams and creeks so they remain pristine and healthy for generations to come.

It's our water, our Frederick County. Together we can make it better!


Start at home

Using native plants and landscaping to capture and filter polluted runoff is a great way to positively affect the health of your local streams. Downspout diversions, rain barrels, rain gardens, and permeable pavements are all great at-home solutions – and it’s a great excuse to improve your curb appeal and property value!

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Volunteer in Your Community

When voters speak up, elected leaders pay attention. One of the best ways you can help in the fight for clean water is by taking an active role in raising awareness among your neighbors about the pollution threats that face our local lands and rivers.

Volunteer and help Clean Water Frederick get out the vote for the November 4 General Election!

If you are interested in helping make phone calls or knock on doors, please let us know by Registering Today >



When you make a tax-deductible contribution to support the Clean Water Frederick campaign, you are directly raising awareness about local pollution threats, giving your community a louder voice on clean water issues, and helping us reverse the threats through on-the-ground conservation and advocacy programs.

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