Speak Up for Clean Water

We believe people are the most important part of the work to protect Frederick County’s lands and waters. When you participate in clean water protection, you are taking an active role in the preservation of your backyard streams and creeks so they remain pristine and healthy for generations to come.

It's our water, our Frederick County. Together we can make it better!

Contact your local elected leaders

Did you know that local water quality is most impacted by policies passed by city and county government? That's why we are counting on concerned citizens, like you, to speak up for clean water.

Ask your local candidates if they support these 5 Actions for Clean Water >


Pledge to speak up for your right to clean water

Frederick County's rivers and streams - your local water - are some of the most polluted in all of Maryland. Out-of-control sprawl means pollution levels will get worse unless we take action now for manageable, river-friendly growth.

If you believe in clean, safe water for our families and taking care of our local lands and rivers, sign the Pledge today >


Vote and make your voice heard

Vote in the upcoming General Election on November 4, 2014 and stand up for the leaders who make your values a priority in your community.

Participate in Early Voting >

Vote in the General Election on November 4 >