Clean Water Frederick

Clean Water Frederick believes Frederick County, Maryland residents have a right to clean water. The effort brings together clean water champions from all walks of life to build a sustainable movement to protect and enhance the health of our community’s lands and waters.

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It's our water, our Frederick County. Together we can make it better!


Frederick County's rivers and streams - your local water - are some of the most polluted in all of Maryland

Unfortunately, it’s true and worse yet, pollution levels will only continue to rise unless we Take Action now!

From fishermen in Catoctin Creek, to third-generation farmers in Thurmont, to local businesses along Carroll Creek – our community relies on the rivers and streams that run through them. Local streams feed into many of the county’s reservoirs, providing household water for drinking, showering, and cooking.

What happens in your local waterways – places like Lake Linganore, Bear Branch, or the Monocacy - impacts your family’s livelihood.

If you believe in clean, safe water for our families and taking care of our local lands and rivers, join our effort today!

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