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We need your help to achieve healthy waterways and safe drinking water for Frederick County!

How you can help: 

  1. Spread the word! Share the Clean Water Frederick website with your friends, families, and extended networks in Frederick County. We need a strong, united voice to hold local leaders responsible for our streams!

  2. Encourage your community group to join the Clean Water Frederick grassroots coalition! We need local watershed advocates, small businesses, faith organizations, hunting and fishing groups, homeowners associations, and more to grow the local clean water movement in Frederick County! Will you take a leadership role in driving clean water solutions?

  3. Help us organize a local watershed clean up or workshop in your community! In order to create a groundswell of local action for healthy rivers and streams in Frederick County, we need all hands on deck. The work of leadership volunteers to help design and implement local community events will make a huge difference!


Potomac Conservancy
(301) 608-1188 x220


Photo credits:
Paddlers on the Monocacy River, photograph © Amit Sarda www.flickr.com/people/sardamit
New Market Middle School tree planting, photograph © Potomac Conservancy