What is Clean Water Frederick?

Joining together to build a sustainable clean water movement in Frederick County, Potomac Conservancy, the Maryland League of Conservation Voters (Education Fund), and Trout Unlimited launched the Clean Water Frederick campaign on October 1, 2014. In April 2016, we were joined by Clean Water Fund, and we continue to explore and build new partnerships in Frederick County.

Each of our organizations play a unique role in promoting accountable decision-making, getting projects on the ground to drive clean water solutions, and encouraging a wide array of clean water advocates to speak up and stand up for local waterways. Learn more about your Lead Partners >

Our Mission: Restore and protect water quality in Frederick County, Maryland

1.      Grow the local clean water movement by recruiting and inspiring a diverse base of clean water advocates to protect creeks and streams.

2.      Provide sustained outlets for advocates and stewards to speak up and hold elected leaders accountable for clean water decision-making.

3.      Drive sweeping conservation impact through local policies that promote responsible growth planning, preventing pollution carried by runoff, and protecting the waterways upon which native wildlife and clean drinking water depend.

4.      Promote communities’ stewardship ethic by increasing the number of opportunities to “get your hands dirty for clean water” through trash cleanup efforts, educational workshops, recreational outings, and stream restoration events.

5.      Increase the pace at which water quality threats and their danger to local economies, public health, and quality of life appear in local headlines and news media.


Our Strategies for Clean Water:

  • We are increasing our resource investment to boost the pace of on-the-ground projects and local polluted runoff solutions.
  • We are partnering with local groups and promoting their programs and events that drive clean water solutions.
  • We are preparing Frederick County's clean water champions with the tools and information that they need to take ownership of the local movement.
  • We are empowering inclusive coalitions of diverse advocates to speak up for clean water policies at the local level.
  • We are advocating for increased investment in Frederick County’s clean water resources at the State level.
  • We are restoring local brook trout habitat and increasing installation of agricultural best management practices on private land.
  • We are working with local schools to plant more trees to filter pollution carried by runoff and teach the next generation about healthy watersheds.
  • We are investing in data-driven and public opinion-based communications to promote Frederick County's stewardship ethic. 
  • We are planning community events and activities to draw greater awareness to the endangered state of Frederick County’s creeks and streams and the local drinking water supply.
  • We are encouraging the expansion of incentive programs that help residents control polluted runoff on their properties.
  • We are investing federal and private dollars to ensure that these efforts build upon the sustainable clean water movement at the local level.

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Photo credits:
Great Blue Heron, photograph © Amit Sarda www.flickr.com/people/sardamit
Monocacy River, photograph ©Joe Croos www.flickr.com/people/joecroos/
St. John Catholic School tree planting, photograph © Potomac Conservancy